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  • 48 hours

    in Gaziantep

    First Day 

    You can start your day by exploring various museums in central Gaziantep. First of all you can visit December 25 Panoroma Museum, Bath Museum and Emine Göğüş Culinary Museum. After these museum tours you can climb up to the Gaziantep Castle and witness magnificent views of the the city from above. If you are interested in learning while doing then you can try the Olive workshop where you can practice different culinary skills. After the workshop you can visit National and Gümrük Caravanserais. If you plan to do some shopping you can visit Zincirli Bazaar, Coppersmiths Bazaarand Almaci Bazaar where you can find different local tastes and souvenirs. You can taste Tahmis Coffeewhile you are having a break during your trip in Gaziantep. You can visit Mevlevi Lodge and Whirling Dervishes Foundation Museum to have a better understanding about Mevlevi beliefs. You can finish your day by visiting Pişirici Kastel and Kozluca Kastel.

    Second Day

    You can start your day by visiting one of the most famous museums in the region which is located in the Gaziantep city center. Zeugma Mosaic Museum holds a magnificent collection of mosaics. Afterwards you can visit Gaziantep Archeology Museum and examine the historical artifacts found in the region. You can wander streets of Bey Neighborhood and feel like a local. Atatürk Memorial Museum and Ali İhsan Göğüş Museums worth a visit. If you are visiting the city with your kids you can explore the Play and Toy Museum which has a nice collection of toys from different periods. You can witness the wonderful Ottoman architecture by visiting the Kurtuluş Mosque. Bayazhan City Museum offers an insight to the economical, natural and social life of Gaziantep and its people. Finally, if you are looking for a nice family attraction you can visit the Gaziantep Zoo which covers around 1000 acres of land.