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  • smell


    While you are walking around the streets of Antep, you may catch various smells, but not all of them are from delicious dishes. Blossomed in the fertile soil of Mesopotamia, this city holds many more fragrances that will provide its visitors with good memories.

    In Gaziantep, in the spring and summer seasons, when the weather is hot, rural tours with family and relatives called "Sahre" are organized to immerse in nature away from the heat and noise of the city. After enjoying Antep kebabs and meals in open fresh air on these trips, the smell of Turkish coffee, or Menengiç coffee cooked in embers, spreads around.

    Hızır Plateau

    Located at the top of the Amanos Mountains (Amanos Dağları), this plateau promises an evergreen natural beauty with pine, cedar, fir, plane tree, alder, juniper, and fruit trees. When wildflowers and mountain tulips join this beauty, the plateau turns into a festival of fragrant colors.

    Sofdağı Plateau

    Sofdağı Plateau (Sofdağı Yaylası), where you can watch the Gaziantep plateau from high, attracts those who want to walk or camp in nature with its clean air and healing spring waters.

    Botanical Garden

    The Botanical Garden (Botanik Bahçesi), with 750 plant species and more than 30,000 plants, was established in 2009 as an educational center. The garden exhibits about 10 different plant concepts, including special design gardens, called Rock Garden, Open Seed Plants Garden, Ottoman Garden, Color and Fragrance Garden, Medicinal and Endemic Plants Garden, Zen Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and Aquatic Plants Garden. Walking in these gardens, you will be enchanted by the scents as well as the colorful visual feast offered by various flowers.

    Dülükbaba Natural Park and Biological Pond

    The area is one of the largest hand-planted timber forests of Türkiye, there are hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as camping and caravan-accommodations.

    Offering a unique view of Gaziantep under the scent and shade of different tree species such as red pine, larch, cypress, oak, and almond, the park also hosts the Dülük Ancient City (Dülük Antik Kenti), one of the oldest settlements in the world.

    Islamic Science History Museum

    Islamic Science History Museum (İslam Bilim Tarihi Müzesi) was originally established to promote the works of Muslim scientists who worked in astronomy, geography, physics, mechanics, chemistry, and medical sciences. Having many firsts and innovations, the museum enriches the works of scientists through interactive applications and enables them to explain different designs and contents. Thanks to the touch-sensitive interface in the chemistry unit, which is one of these applications, visitors can follow step by step the techniques and processes used by scientists to produce fragrances. Thanks to the advanced mechanism, visitors who take these steps can physically hear the scents of rose, and amber which were the scents of the period.