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    Old Antep Houses and Streets

    Houses in Old Antep (Eski Antep Evleri) have leaned to each other for years and have become a shelter for the people of Antep by keeping the streets always in shade in the summer heat. Antep houses are buildings behind high walls, isolated from the exterior as much as possible, facing the courtyard. These courtyards are called "hayat" in the region, which means “life”, because home life usually takes place here. And when you are a guest of a house, you touch the life in that house too.  There are inlaid stones at the base of the “life”, flower beds at the edges and a pool called “Gane” in the middle.


    Handicrafts touch the past and the future as the works witnessing the era in which they were produced. These handicrafts allow us to remember our past and continue our existence in the future. Gaziantep is a very rich city in this respect. Mother-of-pearl work, coppersmithing, aba weaving, pistachio, hand embroidery, silver embroidery, rug and carpet weaving, pottery, jewelery, saddlemaking, and musical instrument making, etc. can be listed as the handicrafts that still exist in the city.

    Kutnu Fabric

    Kutnu, which has a historical value, is a special type of silk weaving on hand looms, which is unique to Gaziantep only. Kutnu fabric (Kutnu kumaşı), which has been woven in Gaziantep since the 16thcentury, was the dream of every Anatolian, who wanted to dress attractively. Also Ottoman Sultansdresses were sewn of Kutnu fabrics, which have been woven since the Anatolian Seljuks. The raw material of Kutnu fabrics, which express splendor, elegance and aesthetics, is rayon and cotton yarn, which is floret silk. It has a very bright and soft texture.


    Yemeni, which is identified with Gaziantep, is a shoe without a heel made of red or black leather on the top and stout leather at the sole. Due to its comfortable fit and its authentic appearance, Yemeni has been used in famous movies such as 300 Spartans, Troy and Harry Potter.